Everyone should have access to affordable dental care. Creating transparent, understabadle and consistent discounts allows for better lifetime care.  Providing patients a option to alternative programs can increase access which can result in improved oral hygiene.

How Does it Work? 

The MeriPath Discount Dental Program is not dental insurance. MeriPath is a “reduced-fee-for-service” discount dental plan. The plan allows members to pay a specified discounted fee for comprehensive dental care. The savings extend to EVERY dental procedure. You pay no deductibles. There are NO pre approvals required. NO Caps, NO age restrictions, NO discount limitations or blackout periods. The plan allows you and your family to receive quality oral health care without limitations. Everyone is eligible for acceptance. Your discount plan is active, and ready for use instantly after your payment is processed. Simply provide your dentist with your membership ID Number.

Providers allow MeriPath members access to a schedule of reduced fees. Typically, fees are 15-25% lower then office fees. For a list of common procedures and discounted fees contact your dental provider and ask for the "MeriPath Fee Schedule". Procedure not listed on the fee schedule are discounted at standard 15%.


Latest Clinic News:


MeriPath Extends its services to the Tri-state area


MeriPath is now available in the New York Tri-State area. With new providers added each week MeriPath is expanding its service area increasing access to care for thousands of individuals and families.


New York

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